BCA 1 Semester Business Communication Unit 6

BCA 1 Semester Business Communication Unit 6

BCA 1 Semester Business Communication Unit 6

BCA 1 Semester Business Communication Unit 6 : We get a glimpse of the information technology of the future during the election period when election result are critically analysed & a panel of experts in the Doordarshan studio, swings in the voting pattern are visually presented & we are able to here at the same time the view o different people across the length & breadth of the country. The latest is perhaps the concept of each other as if they were sitting together in a conference. This site is made for purpose to help to students for study to easy to learn our syllabus and get great marks in BCA . We will help you to solve your problem we will give you Short notes, Sample papers, Mock papers, Previous papers, Modal papers, Important question, Unsolved paper, Exam papers, BCA Study material, BCA semester Business Communication Notes etc, To study & learn in easy way if you will satisfy our work you will share to yours friends.

Information Technology for Communication

Information Technology for Communication
Information Technology for Communication

 Computer technology & telecommunication links via satellites are bringing about revolutionary changes in the field of communication. The barriers of space & time have totally collapsed. The new modern technology is quicker, safer & less prone to distortion. Not every long ago it took days to communicate with someone through a letter but the ew STD  & ISD facilities have made communication an instantaneous process . The world appears to have contracted or been squeezed into a small room in which, given certain, facilities, it is possible to communicate with anyone in any part of the world.

Video Conferencing 

Video conferencing is an excellent technique of audio-visual communication. people present at distant place can communication with each other, like attending a meeting or conference in a meeting room. Under this system, a meeting is conduced using television display of the participants who can see one another on television screen & can hear one another. In this way they exchange their views. In his techniq not only the communication of message is possible but also concerned person can talk direct among themselves & their postures, facial expressions, gestures etc. also help in communication of the message.

In real sense, it is a substitute of face communication, video conferencing can be accomplished in two ways.

(i) By using computer : It is known as computer conferencing & for this computer, web camera, telephone connection & internet connection are required.

Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing

(ii) Without using computer : Video conferencing without the use of computer, needs digital web camera, video conferencing machine, telephone, satellite connection & projectores. 

Video Conferencing Without using computer
Video Conferencing Without using computer

Advantages Of Modern Forms Of Communication

Modern Forms Of Communication 1
Modern Forms Of Communication 1
  1. Messages can be transmitted quickly & easily form one place to the another place with the help of modern communication means. In the latest method not just time is reduced but distances are also getting shorter as well.
  2. Modern way of communication increase the connective of the people. Now with the help of cellular phone one can easily keep himself connected with  others from anywhere & at any time.
  3. Teleconferencing can lead to substantial saving both in term of money & executive time.The people situated at distant places can organise a meeting without travelling long distances as if they were all places together in one room.
  4. Copies of import document including certificates, degrees, agreements & contracts can easily be sent from one place to another with the help of fax machine.
  5. Modern way of communication also reduce the cost of sending messages. E-mail is far quicker correspondence, than ordinary postage, Nothing is charged for sending & receiving E-mail even though the message travel across the world.
  6. With the help of e-commerce, the time required to create transfer & process a business transaction is reduced significantly due to automation.   


Internet is International network of communication which connects the computers all over the glob across international territories with the help of telephone lines. Many different network operated by different organisations are connected together to from the internet. It creates such a big rout for exchange of messages that all information can be sent or received quickly.

Internet actually started off in the late 1960 when computers began to play important role at major university & research institutes of U.S. Defence Department Agency. until 1990s, a few people used it; But in 1993 with the introduction of a new technology called World Wide Web, things changed a lot. In the book ‘Business Communication’ written by K.K. Shinha he writes, “If we look at the speed & expansion of communication, we will see that while it tooks radio 40 years to reach 50 million people, T.V. & computer did this in about 13 & 16 years respectively. But internet has reached 50 million people in just 4 years. BCA 1 Semester Business Communication Unit 6

To use internet, it is necessary to become member of internet service provider. In India it is controlled by BSNL. Apart from this , i capacity hardware & software. A PC multi-media Pentium microprocessor having 16 megabyte capacity, along with WINDOW terminal software, Internet Explorer is required for internet. In addition to hardware & software; a telephone line & a specific modem is also necessary. Faster the speed of the modem, better will be the utility of internet.         

Uses Of Internet

Uses Of Internet
Uses Of Internet
  1. E-mail : The facility of internet is very popular among the users.  A person can transmit his message to any part of the world in a moment. This is a paperless facility which saves times & money, both. The sender & the receiver both should have the ID address on some Website like Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail etc.
  2. E-Banking :  This service has revolutionised the banking sector. This is service which has interlinked all the banks in the world. As a result the use of services like Tele saving, mobile Banking, P.C. Banking & E-Banking is increasing.This provide facility to operate your account even when you sitting in your drawing room or working in your office.
  3. Internet : It is private internet in which a web site is designed for the us of the employees of organisation. It  is generally used to place documents such telephone directory, staff manuals & office record. The main advantage of internet is that the information stored is readily available & it can be easily updated from time to time.
  4. World Wide Web (WWW) : World wide web is revolutionary development on the internet. it is a source of large amount of information such as to advertise, to invite fob different kind of users. It can be used for number of purposes such as to advertise, to invite job application, to invite metrimonials etc. It may be used to provide detailed information regarding a products or a service or an organisation etc. The information can be published on the web.
  5. Chat Room : Through this process the speaker & the listener can speak to each other & also see each other with the help of a web camera. It provides facility of face to-face communication etc. The information can also be published on the Web.
  6.  Telenet : Through telenet you can log in on any computer connected with internet & work on it as if it is under control. This is also known as Remote Log In. It helps in downloading any new & useful information from one computer to another computer.

Problem From Using Internet 

  1. Problem of language : Mainly English language is used in internet. Therefore, in a country like India where many languages are used, language become a barrier in the use of internet.
  2. Budy Lines : Though, unlimited knowledge & information is available on internet but the rout through which it reaches to the consumer is highly crowded & busy. Therefore, sometimes, user have to wait for long time to get connected with internet.
  3. Problem Of Hacking : Hacking is the worst problem in which any person can steel your password & misuse you personal files & record for his benefit.
  4. Misuse of Information : Some unsocial  elements misuse the information provided on the internet. For example internet also provide information how to make bomb. This information can be misused by the unsocial element to spread fear & violence in the society.
  5. Virus Problem : Some ill minded person or cyber criminals spread viruses which create problem in the working of the internet.
  6. Misuse of Credit Cards : Misuse of credit cards by criminals is also a big problem while working with internet.

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