BCA 1 Semester Business Communication Unit 5

BCA 1 Semester Business Communication Unit 5

BCA 1 Semester Business Communication Unit 5 ;   In the highly competitive business of today, publicity & advertisements have become essential for every business enterprise. Sales letters are one from of advertising. These letter enable a businessman to approach present & potential customers easily & at low cost. This site is very helpful for you because we will provide you most important information for you related about BCA. so if you have some problem you will connect this site and take those information you have. ccsusamplepapers.com is provide you like Sample papers, Modal papers, Mock papers, Previous papers, Notes, Bca Study Material, Important question, Unsolved papers, Exam papers, Bca Business Communication etc. you will see here. if you like my site you will also share with ours friends.  BCA 1 Semester Business Communication Unit 5

Business Communication
Business Communication

Drafting Of Business Letters 

Business Letters 
Business Letters

Sales Letters 

In the highly competitive business of today, publicity & advertising have become essential for every business enterprise. Sales letter’s are one from of advertising. These letter enable a businessman to approach present & potential customers easily & at low cost. As a sales letter directly addresses to select a customers it has a particular appeal & a personal touch. Sales letter are particularly useful in direct selling by mail.

Objective of Sales Letters  :

Objective of Sales Letters
Objective of Sales Letters
  1. to promote the sale of a product, a service or an idea.
  2. To introduce new products in the market quickly, effectively & at a low coast.
  3. to introduce the salesman to the potential customers.
  4. To widen the market for existing products.
  5. To remind the customers about the product or service.
  6. To create & maintain the firm goodwill among the customers.
  7. To secure orders for a main order business house.
  8. to keep the customers in regular touch with the company & its products & services.

Example   :                                      A Sales Letter Offering Shirts

Super Textiles Ltd.

7, Nariman point ,Mumbai-400070

Dear Sir,                                                                                                                         Date  : Sep,15 2017

Why to buy the inferior when you can get the best at the same price. Buy super shirt made specially from imported cotton fur only Rs 180 per piece.

Super textiles give you SUPER VALUE. Our shirts are stitched on the most modern computerized, machine at an exclusive price of  Rs 180. Any where you would pay Rs 30 more for a similar shirts.

SUPER SHIRT is a quality shirt & is offered at a popular price. It is the result of cooperative venture of super textile & SPEARS  of France. These shirts are available in ten colours in plain, stripes & check.

SUPER SHIRTS are offered at exclusive price only for a limited period. Act now & save Rs 30.


S.K. Singh 

Sales Manager


A resume is a written summary of one’s educational qualifications & experience. It is a method of presentation through which a candidate present their life achievement personal detail & academic qualification to the possible employer. Resume provide maximum information about the candidate in an impressive way. These resumes are very helpful for organization in short listing the prospective employees.

Resume should be written in such a way that it must attract the eye of a busy employer .A handwritten resume does not produces so good an impression as a typed one.

Layout of the Resume :

  1. Opening Section : This part contains the candidates name & address, his job objective & basic qualification which are necessary for the prospective job.
  2. Academic Qualification : In this part, applicant give specific details about his educational qualification starting starting from high school & after wards. This part contain came & address of school & college, board university with year of passing marks obtained, etc.
  3. Working Experience : This part contain information related to the work experience. This par should be written very carefully as it indicated the position of responsibility of the application & skill that he has gained through his work experience. This part evaluates whether the candidate background matches with the job.
  4. Achievements & Awards : This part gives the information about the achievement, awards, scholarship, prices etc. gained by the applicant.
  5. Personal Data : This part contain necessary detail about the candidate such as age, religion,sex, marital status, nationality etc. Candidate can write about his hobbies, games, sports etc. in the part.
  6. References : The resume must contain reference to two or three important person whom the prospective employer can contact if he wants details information about the applicant.

 Format of the resume 


Name                                  :              Sanjay Singh

Address                               :              Sr. Lecturer, DAV College, Muzaffarnagar

                                                            Email  :   snjy to @rediffmail.com

Education                           :              MBA (Marketing) C.C.S. University, Meerut

                                                            B.Sc. from DAV College, Muzaffarnagar

Experience                         :              5 year experience as Lecturer in DAV College, Muzaffarnagar

Special Qualification        :              NET in Management

Personal                             :              Age 29 Year

Sex                                       :              Male

Nationality                         :              Indian

Religion                              :              Hindu

Hobbies                              :              Sports & social works

Reference                          :              (i) Dr, Rajendra Singh, Meerut College,Meerut

                                                            (ii) Dr. I.P. Singh, DAV College, Muzaffarnagar.

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