BBA Study Material Communication Ethics

BBA Study Material Communication Ethics

BBA Study Material Communication Ethics

BBA Study Material Communication Ethics


In this chapter we shall study the proper and improper practices in relation to communication of a company within itself and the with outsides bodies. A company is communicating all the time with insiders to instruct or guide them, and shape their values; with outsiders to let them know what the company is thinking and doing. Ethics in communication involves the application of ethical principles in communicating with stakeholders of all categories-clients, employees, investors, government departments, etc. Honesty, accuracy and transparency in communication is very important to companies.

Significance Of Communication Ethics

Following are the significance :

  1. Truth and fairness in communication are necessary for individuals’ liberty and proper Exaggeration, unsure statements, rough language and remarks which spread hatred are to be avoided.
  2. In all communication, courtesy begets courtesy. The golden rule of ethics is ,do unto others as you would like others to do unto you.
  3. A company with a reputation for ethical communication enjoys high value for its shares. High caliber people work for it. It also enjoys a better market for its products and services, and public support in times of controversy.
  4. In all communication, ethical consideration is inescapable. It is the result of responsible thinking, decision-making and developing healthy relations with all with whom the company deals.
  5. Ethical communication adds to your dignity by promoting truthfulness, responsibility, and respect for yourself and others. Unethical communication threatens and poisons a company’s name and reputation.

The Advantages Of Ethical Communication

Following are the advantages:

  1. It helps in long-turn business interests : As a company acquires a reputation for ho and upright actions and statements its stock goes up. The company is liked by It is a truism that honesty is the best policy.  
  2. It attracts high caliber people : People who are honest have a moral right tendency to look for honesty in others. If your company runs on ethical lines, vo get people who also do the same. Chances are that you will enjoy it better working with them.
  3. It gives you a good image face to face with the law :  If you have been speaking truth then your image unconsciously gets built for honesty. It dies not matter whether you turnover is small as long as you give your customers the right kind of deal.
  4. It helps in effective strategic management:  Corporate communication is at the heart of corporate management. Our company’s identity depends on its public communication and dialogue with the people. Your company’s planning and control depends on its communications, in good times and bad. If your company’s name is involved in unhappy news, mass communication becomes all important. For instance, suppose your brand ambassador is involved in a legal tangle or if he performs poorly in the game which earned him brand ambassadorship. You have to issue a delicate, discreet communique.

Factors Influencing Communication

Every act of communication has three possibilities to speak, to listen, or to be silent. What ever you do, you send across a signal to the other party. And then there are other factors like body language, tone etc. You cannot escape the responsibility to communicate by remaining silent, proverb says that silence is half consent.

The propriety of your speech or writing depends on these are you telling the plan truth but being too blunt at the same time? A Sanskrit saying says, speak the truth and make it pleasant to hear.

There is an ethical side to listening also. Should you at all allow the other party to go on speaking? By consenting to hear, you have made a moral choice, which his case is worth listening to.

A proper, ethical communication must satisfy the four criteria named above; To whom are you talking? It should be to the right audience. And it should be to nobody else

The communication must be where it is due. What you say must dutifully belong to the audience. Your trade secrets have to be guarded while communicating.

We timing of the message is all important. Time is of essence in business decisions honoring the time commitment can make the big difference.

Ethical issues and the communication media

Within the company there are letters, memos, conferences etc., to communicate with each other. Outside the company, one communicates through the mass media as well as personal communications. One who controls the use of the communication media has to take responsibility to make it ethical. This is generally for the sender of the communication to mange. The viewers, listeners and readers are generally placed second in making an ethical use of the communication.

We are living in an age of explosion of mass communication. The number of hoardings in the city streets and the number of websites on the Internet have multiplied. On the one hand this has help businesses to reach their messages to more people at less cost. On the other hand, electronic media are used for sending hate messages, sexual matter and spread rumours.

The media managers have a great deal of responsibility in the present scenario. The senders of the messages should do their own censoring. A lot of easy profit at next to no cost is the theme of many of the Internet ads.

Who should ultimately censor the messages in mass media is an open question: the government or the sender of the message? If government does the censoring, the question that arises is that is it qualified to sit in judgement. If the media users are given a free hand, misuse is quite likely. The ethical dilemma over this issue asks for a prudent approach.

How would you react to this ad :

Bhar Pet Khaaiye, Hajmola-se pachaaiye

 (Eat bellyful and digest with Hajmola)

The ad presents Hajmola as a licence to eat as much as you want. Clearly the ad is on the brink of ethically wrong. Some would say, of course, that the digestive tablet is not inviting you to eat in excess, and some would say that the ad is bound to have a bad impact on people who overeat.

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