BBA Business Ethics Study Material & Guide

BBA Business Ethics Study Material & Guide

BBA Business Ethics Study Material & Guide Here are my college notes for BBA Business Ethics (Ethical Decision Making ) Study Material & Guide. Which will give you a quick overview of the subject Business Ethics and help you to study quickly for your semester exam and you will give your best. In this post you will learn all units of the subject Business Ethics given below. BBA Study Material & Guide will more helpful for you read carefully.

Key Points Outline in BBA Business Ethics Study Material & Guide :

  • Business Ethics : An overview-concept, nature, evolving ethical values, Arguments against business Ethics.
  • Work life in indian philosophy : Indian ethos for work life, Indian values for the work place, work-life balance.
  • Relationship between Ethics & Corporate, Excellence-corporate Mission statements, Code of Ethics, Organisational Culture, TQM.
  • Gandhian Philosophy of Wealth Management-philosophy of Trusteeship, Gandhiji’s seven Greatest Social Sins.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility-Social Responsibility of business with respect to different stakeholders, Arguments for and against Social responsibility of business, Social Audit.

Unit – 1

BBA Study Material Notes Of Business Ethics

Unit – 2

BBA Study Material Notes of Ethics & Rules Of Law

Unit – 3

BBA Study Material Work Life In Indian Philosophy

Unit – 4

BBA Study Material Corporate Governance

Unit – 5

BBA Study Material Organisation Culture and Globalization

Unit – 6

BBA Study Material Organisational Ethics

Unit – 7

BBA Study Material Total Quality Management

Unit – 8

BBA Study Material Gandhian Philosophy of Wealth Management

Unit – 9

BBA Study Material Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Unit – 10

BBA Study Material Imp Short Notes of Ethical Values

Unit – 11

BBA Study Material Short Notes of Cultural Values

Unit – 12

BBA Study Material Short Notes of Workplace Ethics

Unit – 13

BBA Study Material Communication Ethics

Unit – 14

BBA Study Material Ethical Decisions Making Notes

Unit – 15

BBA Study Material Ethical Issues in Global Business

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